We are proactive Canadian Families living with ALS!

Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation was created with an unbreakable commitment towards supporting and advancing ALS adult stem-cell research that leads to accelerated approval for human treatment to Canadian PALS (People Living with ALS). 

Our Vision is a Canadian pilot clinical trial in ALS patients before December 31st, 2017, evaluating the efficacy and safety of our therapy.  If successful, our goal is to then hasten its introduction into clinical practice in order to improve care and health outcomes for ALS patients.  

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Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation

Donations made to the Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation go directly towards the most innovative ALS Stem-Cell Research in Canada. 

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Important Notice

Canadian PALS & FALS, who believe stem-cell research, will lead us to a treatment and/or cure for ALS, should know that ALS Canada remains without a PLAN to invest in stem-cell research in Canada.  Promote adult stem-cell research! Contact ALS Canada and ask them about their 2016-2017 stem-cell investment plans!  Due diligence is always essential, but even more important when your life depends on it.  Time matters most!  


It is because of this huge problem, that a large group of forward-thinking patients and families affected by or living with ALS in Canada decided to provide a much needed solution.  The solution; diligently support the advancement of ALS adult stem-cell research in Canada that leads to ACCELERATED APPROVAL FOR A HUMAN TRIAL IN CANADIAN PALS IN 2017.  Learn more