2879 Treeview Rd, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

We need your help to achieve our 2018 digital fundraising goal of 1M$

Digital Currency Donations

We accept: 

Bitcoin cash BCH address:  1HtQTNjSboXSjcuRvtqWupam9LCiBMEMwb

Ethereum ETH address:  0x10b6491aeb69508a95b1d1c96d82f3f8c8b581fd

Litecoin LTC address:  LNbv3zzrQNpnzA65vMj8evpY5UsTP9NJSo

Dash DSH address:  XqaM9dLV4gdt9ezjDwK7FfQdSV2Nk5inux

Dodge DGE address:  DAsTH5dEAu688B5W1zoCwLom6BYe1LrUNj

Digital Currencies FAQ's

Who can I contact for more information?

Please email jeffrey@alscanuck.org for more information.

Is my bitcoin or altcoin donation to Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation tax deductible?

Answer: Yes, your donation in bitcoin and other digital currencies are tax deductible in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), tax receipts will be issued for income tax purposes.  Please seek advice from an authorized accounting professional for current rules and regulations.

Do I need to convert my bitcoin or other altcoin to currency before making a donation?

Answer: No, it is not necessary to convert your your digital currency to fiat currency in order to make a donation to Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation. You can process your digital currency (altcoin) donation using the addresses provide above on this page.  Please email jeffrey@alscanuck.org for more information.

What is the return policy for bitcoin donations?

Answer: We appreciate your support for ALS adult stem cell and gene therapy research. At this time, we are unable to refund any donation made via bitcoin or other digital currencies.

I have converted my altcoin to currency, can I still donate?

Answer: Yes, all donations made to Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation are tax deductible. Make a donation using traditional currency.